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Detox Your Mind for Clearer Thinking, Deeper Relationships and Lasting Happiness

by Loberg, KirstinPerlmutter, AustinPerlmutter, David

How what we eat and drink can free us from the 24/7 pressure of modern life: here is a 10 day plan that will rewire your brain and body to be self-healing and sustainable.

BRAIN WASH builds from a simple premise: Our brain's performance is being gravely manipulated, resulting in behaviors that leave us more lonely, anxious, depressed, and overweight than ever before. Based on the latest science, the book presents the tools necessary to think more clearly, make better decisions, strengthen bonds with others, and develop healthier habits. With a 10-day program, including a meal plan and 50 delicious recipes, BRAIN WASH is the key to cultivating a healthy, vibrant, meaningful life.

David Perlmutter, MD, is a board-certified neurologist and Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. He maintains an active blog at and is the author of Grain Brain, Brain Maker, The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan, The Grain Brain Cookbook, and Raise a Smarter Child by Kindergarten.

Austin Perlmutter, MD, is a board-certified internal medicine physician. His academic interests center on studying the effects of burnout and depression as well as preventive care and chronic disease management.

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The message of Brain Wash couldn't be more urgent or timely. If everyone followed its advice, the world would be a happier and healthier place.

Quote: Catherine Price, founder of Screen/Life Balance, author

By showing us how to consciously rewire our brains for connection, compassion, and better decisions, Brain Wash provides a framework for reclaiming joy and health in the modern world.

Quote: Deepak Chopra, author of Metahuman

Brain Wash presents a road map for the relationship between how we think, feel, and behave and our lifestyle and environment. It is an artful and compelling manifesto on how to improve our mood, mind, and memory.

Quote: Jeffrey Bland, PhD, founder of the Institute for Functional Medicine

Brain Wash is an important book that tackles a colossal modern challenge: the quest to reclaim our health and happiness from a world that encourages us to overspend, overindulge, and underthink. David and Austin Perlmutter are consummate guides who share a multitude of approachable, concrete, and down-to-earth solutions. Highly recommended.

Quote: Adam Alter, author of Irresistible and Drunk Tank Pink

Brain Wash reveals how our day-to-day decisions are deeply influenced and actively manipulated by the modern world. But more importantly, it is a powerful manual that allows each of us to reclaim control of our choices and make better decisions that will pave the way for health and happiness. While we generally know what's best for ourselves, acting on this knowledge is a constant struggle. Brain Wash allows us to turn this knowledge into action. I highly recommend this innovative book.

Quote: Daniel G. Amen, MD, founder, Amen Clinics and author of The End ofMental Illness

In a world where most of us are feeling rushed, tired, and burned out, Brain Wash reveals how even small changes in your lifestyle choices can dramatically improve your day, your mood, and even your life.

Quote: Melissa Hartwig Urban, Whole30 Co-Founder and CEO

UK: Yellow Kite/Hodder & Stoughton

Quote: Little Brown

We all know what it's like to feel distracted and overwhelmed. Brain Wash is an invaluable guide that's crammed with solutions for helping us to restore our focus, energize our bodies, and refresh our minds.

Quote: Gretchen Rubin

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