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Fairlight Books (2019-10)
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by Clark, Lynda

A darkly humorous, genre-bending work of literary sci-fi. Lynda Clark is a new discovery for lovers of Kurt Vonnegut and Douglas Coupland.

When Robert (or Kidder, as his best friend calls him) decides to impress at a job interview by making up a son, he discovers that maintaining the lie is far harder than he thought so he invents a story that 'Brodie' has been kidnapped. After all, it's not like they're going to nd the fake boy.
But a few weeks later, Kidder receives a call to collect his non-existent son from the police station, a boy who looks exactly like the picture he photoshopped...

An award-winning short ction writer, Lynda Clark's short stories have been widely published and her short story Gillie's Mum won the regional Commonwealth Short Story Prize for Europe and Canada. She is currently undertaking a PhD in Creative Writing in interactive ction at Nottingham Trent University and before that she worked as a dialogue writer for a video game production company. This is her debut novel.

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This is a remarkable debut, written with great warmth and wit. By turns devastating and hilarious, Lynda Clark's Beyond Kidding had me from the very start, and it didn't let me go.

Quote: Sarah Jackson, author of Pelt and winner of the Seamus Heaney Prize 2013

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