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Thriller / suspense fiction


by Phillips, Tracey S.

Best friends tell each other everything. Even their deepest, darkest secrets - pinky promise. Right?

Morgan Jewell and Fay Ramsey are enjoying their last summer together before college. Morgan loves Fay, and Fay couldn't go on without Morgan. They know things are bound to change: You don't see each other as often. Previous best-friends-forever begin keeping secrets from you. Days turn into weeks before you see a response to a text. Morgan suspects Fay has a secret, but before she's able to confront her, Fay is found brutally murdered.

Years later, Morgan is still haunted by what's left unsaid. She's now a homicide detective and throws herself into each case. One day, she's called to the scene of a murdered woman who looks oddly like Fay when her body was found. Could it be? Morgan vowed to do right by Fay. This is the case she's been waiting for, the one that could put her back on the killer's trail. But the closer she gets, the harder it forces her to confront the memories of herself and her best friend. What was Fay's secret? What got her killed? Maybe Morgan didn't know her at all.

Tracey S. Phillips is a serial artist. She grew up in Indianapolis and is the daughter of an artist and granddaughter of a pianist, teacher, and honored supporter of musical arts. Somewhere along the road, she married her best friend and became the mother of two children. She holds a successful career teaching piano lessons. Best Kept Secrets is her debut novel.

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Phillips alternates between distorting and sharpening the past, pulling it in and out of focus in the manner of human memory. Best Kept Secrets will have readers breathlessly turning pages until the final twists and turns.

Quote: Rosalind Noonan, NYT bestselling author of The Sisters

Tracey S. Phillips's Best Kept Secrets is a twisty, tantalizing read. Beautifully put together. Look out...there's a new female detective (and talented author) in town.

Quote: Karen Harper, NYT bestselling author of Dark Storm

A thrilling ride!

Quote: Sarah Meuleman, author of Find Me Gone

Best Kept Secrets is a gritty and absorbing story from a promising author.

Quote: Libby Fischer Hellmann, author of the Georgia Davis PI novels

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