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Dial Books for Young Readers (Winter 2014)
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by Munson, Sam

ANYONE CAN WHISTLE is the story of Michael Wood, a New York city kid who falls under the wing of Hob, a mysterious student at his Catholic high school.

Through Hob, Wood is introduced to a book of unknown authorship called The Calendar of Sleights and is given access to the city’s network of underground warlocks, sorcerers, and mages. But when Hob and Wood are drawn into a war between rivaling camps of magicians that has spanned ages, they’ll come to question the wisdom of the extraordinary talents they’ve cultivated.

Full of magic, adventure and humor, this is a novel that might be compared to Neil Gaiman’s NEVERWHERE, or Lev Grossman’s THE MAGICIANS, for its mix of deft literary style with a compelling spin on traditionally escapist fantasy tropes. And its hero, Mike Wood, is no bespectacled geek: he’s a brawny, two-fisted slugger with an appetite for battle.

Sam Munson has written for such publications as The Wall Street Journal and The National, and the New York Times has called him “an audacious new writer.” He lives in Harlem.

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