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Transworld (2018-08-09)
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Thriller / suspense fiction


by Scott, Manda

This is an espionage thriller to rival the very best, a high stakes game of cat-and-mouse, played in the shadows, which will keep you guessing every step of the way.

An elderly woman of striking beauty is found murdered in Orleans, France. Her identity has been cleverly erased but the method of her death is very specific: she has been killed in the manner of traitors to the Resistance in World War Two.

Tracking down her murderer leads police inspector Inès Picaut back to 1940s France where the men and women of the Resistance were engaged in a desperate fight for survival against the Nazi invaders.

To find answers in the present Picaut must discover what really happened in the past, untangling a web of treachery and intrigue that stretches back to the murder victim's youth: a time when unholy alliances were forged between occupiers and occupied, deals were done and promises broken. The past has been buried for decades, but, as Picaut discovers, there are those in the present whose futures depend on it staying that way and who will kill to keep their secrets safe...

Manda Scott's contemporary crime novels have been shortlisted for many awards including Hen's Teeth for the Orange Prize and No Good Deed for an Edgar Award. She is the author of a series of spy novels set in Ancient Rome and a quartet exploring the life and times of the war leader Boudica, which has just been optioned for television

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The most exquisite story of heroism, deception, love and treachery you'll find this year.

Quote: Simon Mayo

This is a rich vein for fiction, and Scott does it more than justice, with this beautifully imagined, beautifully written, smart, sophisticated - but fiercely suspenseful - thriller.

Quote: Lee Child

This is how you write a prologue. And the rest is exquisite too. A brutally brilliant and extremely clever novel of espionage, heroism, love and betrayal. Bravo!

Quote: Anna Mazzola

In A Treachery of Spies, Manda Scott has filled the grey areas of espionage with rich colour and written a thriller with a living pulse. It is so, so clever... It is a heart-racing, heart-wrenching read, conceived with passion and executed with frightening skill. An awe-inspiring achievement.

Quote: Giles Kristian

This book opened up and swallowed me whole - the characters, the plot, the writing, everything. It's the most exciting, involving thriller I've read in an age, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Quote: Mick Herron

Scott gives us expertly wrought espionage fiction that blooms into a meditation on war, intimacy and memory.

Quote: Adam Brookes

It's as hard for the reader as it is for Captain Picaut to guess what's going to happen next and where we're heading in this fast-moving tightly-wrought thriller. The destination is in fact as unexpected as it's satisfying - and very thought-provoking.

Quote: Robert Goddard

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