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Historical adventure fiction


by Pressfield, Steven

An epic saga about a reluctant hero, the Roman Empire, and the rise of a new power, from best-selling author and acclaimed master of historical fiction Steven Pressfield.

Jerusalem and the Sinai desert, AD 55. In the turbulent aftermath of the crucifixion of Jesus, agents of the Roman Empire receive information about a pilgrim bearing an incendiary letter from a religious fanatic calling himself Paul the Apostle to insurrectionists in Corinth. What's in the letter could bring down an empire.

The Romans hire a former legionary, a solitary man-at-arms named Telamon to intercept the letter and destroy the courier. Telamon fights for money, not principles. He's been promised a rich reward; should he fail, the punishment is death by crucifixion. But once he meets the courier, Telamon experiences an extraordinary conversion, and instead of carrying out the mission, takes on the Empire. In his first novel of the ancient world in thirteen years, the best-selling author of Gates of Fire and Tides of War returns with a gripping saga of conquest and rebellion, bloodshed and faith.

Steven Pressfield is the author of the best-selling novels Gates of Fire and Tides of War, as well as The Legend of Bagger Vance. He is also the author of the classics on creativity The Art of War and The Artist's Journey. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

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Greek: Patakis ; Serbian: Laguna ; Spanish: Editorial Almuzura

Quote: Norton

An enthralling epic from the master of historical fiction with tremendous character development, fast-paced action, and extraordinary combat scenes! A truly wonderful read.

Quote: General David Petraeus, US Army (Ret.), former commander of the Surge in Iraq, US Central Command, and Coalition Forces in Afghanistan, and former director of the CIA

A brilliant tour de force.

Quote: Ann Scott Tyson, award–winning journalist and author of American Spartan

What makes Mr. Pressfield's novels so compelling is the depth of his research and his remarkable ability to drop the reader into the middle of a scene from 2,000 years ago... The climax will leave the reader a bit stunned as Mr. Pressfield brings all the tension and plot machinations to an unexpected but satisfactory conclusion, leaving the reader happily exhausted.

Review: New York Journal of Books

Steven Pressfield How to Overcome Self-Sabotage and Resistance, Routines for Little Successes, and The Hero's Journey vs. The Artist's Journey

Quote: Tim Ferriss Show

An incredible book that I devoured in one sitting. The master behind Gates of Fire does it again!

Quote: Ryan Holiday, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Stillness Is the Key

A Man At Arms explores the warrior ethos through the eyes and heart of a mercenary whose calling is tested on a journey of transformation. A masterpiece!

Quote: Jack Carr, Navy SEAL sniper and New York Times best-selling author of Savage Son

A great warrior comes face to face with the only thing that could ever change him: a little girl who holds both hope and humanity in her heart. This is Pressfield's best work.

Quote: Jim Gant, ex–Green Beret, Silver Star recipient, and author of One Tribe at a Time

A master storyteller's searing epic. Steven Pressfield brings to life a warrior's limitless devotion and the total commitment to serving humanity. Powerfully told yet humbling, A Man At Arms will remain with you long after you put it down.

Quote: General Jim Mattis, US Marines (Ret.) and 26th Secretary of Defense

CBS/CBS This Morning Saturday, interview with Jeff Glor (6-minute segment), airing March 6

Quote: CBS

Interview with Steven Pressfield - Conquering resistance...

Quote: Rich Roll Podcast

A Man at Arms captures not only the ferocity and shock of battle, but also the relationships and emotions that make warfare so awful and yet so glorious.

Quote: Jocko Willink

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