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by George, Alex

An uplifting novel about the families we create and the places we call home.

A GOOD AMERICAN is an epic, multi-generational novel about German newlyweds who move to America in the early 20th century. They settle in a fictional Midwestern town, give birth to two more generations of musically inclined Meisenheimers, and all are caught up in the sweep of history as they search for their places in their adopted country. Spanning more than a century, A GOOD AMERICAN is about being an outsider - in your country, in your hometown, and sometimes even in your own family. It is a universal story about our search for home.

Alex George is an Englishman who lives, works, and writes in the middle of America. Alex studied law at Oxford University and worked for eight years as a corporate lawyer in London and Paris before moving to the United States in 2003. He is the author of four previous "lad lit" novels, all of which were published by HarperCollins in the UK. Some were also published in Germany, France, and Italy. A GOOD AMERICAN is an excellent departure from these previous books.

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“In these crazy, sad times, when fear and greed seem to be defining our responses, it was wonderful to be reminded of the irreplaceable role immigration has played in making our country great and of the various ways of being ‘a good American.’

Review: Indie Next List

Review: Eleanor Brown

George evokes smalltown life lovingly, sometimes disturbingly, and examines the ties of family, the complications of home, and the moments of love and happiness that arrive no matter what.

Review: Publishers Weekly

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