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Beaming Books (February 2021)
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by Mucha, Amy B.

"I have the right to be bold, and mighty, and LOUD!"

In a world where little girls must learn to stand tall, A Girl's Bill of Rights boldly declares the rights of every woman and girl: power, confidence, freedom, and consent. Author Amy B. Mucha and illustrator Addy Rivera Sonda present a diverse cast of characters standing up for themselves and proudly celebrating the joy and power of being a girl.

Ages 4 to 8.

Amy B. Mucha grew up in New York and New Jersey and now lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with her husband, two children, two spoiled dogs, four superior cats, and hundreds of books. When she isn't writing, she can be found reading, daydreaming, sipping tea, and eating chocolate medicinally. Amy is passionate about empowering girls and women everywhere to love themselves, embrace and support all the girls in their lives, and speak loud for what's right.
Addy Rivera Sonda is a Mexican illustrator, who loves color and nature. When she is not drawing, she devotes a great part of her time to learning and exploring ways in which we could live kinder and more sustainable lives.
Her biggest inspiration for drawing is that she knows that stories and art can shape the way people understand themselves and perceive others, building empathy and ultimately a happier, more inclusive world.

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