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The Metabolism Accelerator for the Time Crunched, Deskbound, and Stressed-Out

by Baleka, Siphiwe

From Yale-educated truck driver and fitness guru Siphiwe Baleka, a revolutionary metabolism-spiking program for anyone whofeels they don’t have enough time, equipment, or money to get in shape and lose those extra pounds.

When Siphiwe Baleka, who had once been a NCAA Division I athlete, began truck driving in 2008, his whole lifestyle changed.Within weeks his metabolism slowed drastically and he gained ten percent of his body weight. He knew he needed to take backcontrol of his health and well-being and change the sedentary lifestyle of truck driving—one of the country’s least healthyindustries.

Now, Baleka, founder of Fitness Trucking and full-time fitness coach for Prime Inc., one of the nation’s largest truckingcompanies—and now one of the healthiest—helps thousands of Prime’s long-haul truck drivers, who have also struggled withweight and health problems, with his 13-week nutrition and exercise plan.

Combining step-by-step workouts and advice on healthy eating (even on the go),4-Minute Fitis a flexible, yet powerful plan thatis proven to boost your metabolism, provide results, and help you get rid of those extra pounds and reach your weight lossgoals. Baleka’s program is geared not only for those who drive eighteen-wheelers, but also for anyone who travels for work, hasa job that involves a lot of sitting, or doesn’t think they have enough time to exercise and eat better. If you’re frustrated by theweight gain that comes from not being active enough due to your job or lifestyle,4-Minute Fitis the simple new guide that canradically change your life.

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