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Daniel Griffin

Set in a landscape reminiscent of Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson and calling to mind Tim Winton's Dirt Music , TWO ROADS HOME is an epic story about many things: eco-terrorism, squatter evictions, family. But at its heart, this is a story of idealism, love and it's betrayal.

TWO ROADS HOME is set in the early 1990s during the height of the anti-logging movement on Vancouver Island. It opens when a group of radical environmentalists set a bomb at a logging depot. The bomb goes off prematurely and unintentionally kills the nightwatchman. In the confusion that follows, Pete Osborne, the novel's protagonist, is separated from the rest of the group. While the three remaining members go underground, Osborne finds shelter with a group of squatters on the coast. Bunking in an empty cabin at the squatter camp, Pete falls in love with Inez, a beautiful and lonely painter, who lives in a homemade shack with her teenaged son Dennis.
When the police tell Pete Osborne's mother Tabitha that her son is a suspect, she sets out on a search for him. As his mother tracks him down and the squatters discover his true identity, Pete Osborne finally finds a way to come to terms with what he's done.
Although the book is set twenty years ago, it speaks to issues that are alive today—terrorism, environmental crises, conflicts over land use. And above all, this is a story of the ties that bind us together—as lovers, as families, as a society and as human beings.

DANIEL GRIFFIN is the author of a collection of stories, Stopping for Strangers (Vehicule 2011), and of the forthcoming novel TWO ROADS HOME. His fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and literary journals across North America. His stories have twice appeared in the Journey Prize Anthology and were collected in Coming Attractions. The National Post called Stopping for Strangers "an unusually accomplished first collection" and the book was runner up for the Danuta Gleed award and shortlisted for a Relit Award.
Daniel is originally from Kingston, Ontario, but has lived in Guatemala, New Zealand, England, Scotland, France, India and the U.S. He received an MFA from UBC and currently makes his home in Victoria, with his wife and three daughters.

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