Luc de Brabandere, Alan Iny

A New Paradigm for Business Creativity

THINKING IN NEW BOXES provides a new model of practical creativity that challenges readers to think about their customers, their goals and their businesses in exciting new ways. It is written by two leading consultants from The Boston Consulting Group.

In a constantly evolving business landscape, companies must employ creative and adaptable solutions to remain competitive and successful. It is no longer enough to "think outside the box". To be truly innovative, corporations must be able to tap into their vast personal reserves of creativity to develop strategies and models that will work in a variety of new environments--and then implement them.
Brabandere and Iny use their years of experience with one of the leading consulting firms in the world, BCG, to give readers concrete and actionable tools for producing valuable results through practical creativity. The authors use actual, fascinating, case studies from their own experiences to illustrate the tools they use in real consulting sessions. Both intellectually sophisticated and relentlessly engaging, THINKING IN NEW BOXES allows CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to create new models that are not only original, but also timely, implementable, and within reach. The book will also have the full support and reach of the internationally recognized consulting firm, who are enthusiastic about lending their support to promoting the book across the globe.

Luc de Brabandere is a Fellow and a Senior Advisor in the Paris office of The Boston Consulting Group. He leads strategic seminars with senior executives and management from a range of companies looking to develop new visions to prepare for the future. He is the author or co-author of 9 books, including The Forgotten Half of Change: Achieving Greater Creativity through Changes in Perception, and a columnist for various newspapers in France and Belgium. Prior to joining BCG, he was the general manager of the Brussels Stock Exchange.

Alan Iny is the Global Topic Expert for creativity and scenario planning at the Boston Consulting Group, based in the New York office. He has trained hundreds of executives and BCG consultants, and facilitated a wide range of workshops across industries, on topics related to bringing creative approaches to business. Alan received his M.B.A. from Columbia Business School, and holds an Honours B Sc in Mathematics and Management from McGill University.

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6. March 2016, review
entertaining and transformative work... informative and practical, this is a must-read for anyone in a leadership position who dares to look at the world in new ways.

Publisher's Weekly (starred review)

6. March 2016, quote
Brilliantly original and relentlessly practical

Jim Andrew

6. March 2016, review
Rather than thinking outside the box, the authors propose novel ways of thought organization that allows us to think in “new boxes” by questioning and modifying the ways we typically approach a imaginative, proactive, and creative approach to


6. March 2016, review
[O]ffers excellent suggestions for thinking creatively and creating a sustainable work culture in the department and in one's organization....Besides being a good read for those working as managers or trainers, the book will be especially useful to human

Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship

6. March 2016, quote
A] 5-step guide that leverages the authors' deep understanding of human nature to enable readers to overcome their limitations and both imagine and create their own futures. A must-read for people living and working in today's competitive environment.

Dr. Ray O. Johnson

6. March 2016, quote
Amazon Best Book of the Month: Business & Leadership


6. March 2016, quote
Think in New Boxes video series: BCG will release a new video via their social media for the next 5 weeks. Check out the first video now:


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