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Dan Kovalik

How the CIA and the Deep State Have Conspired to Vilify Putin

An in-depth look at the decades-long effort to escalate hostilities with Russia and what it portends for the future.

Since 1945, the US has justified numerous wars, interventions, and military build-ups based on the pretext of the Russian Red Menace, even after the Soviet Union collapsed at the end of 1991 and Russia stopped being Red. In fact, the two biggest post-war American conflicts, the Korean and Vietnam wars, were not, as has been frequently claimed, about stopping Soviet aggression or even influence, but about maintaining old colonial relationships. Similarly, many lesser interventions and conflicts, such as those in Latin America, were also based upon an alleged Soviet threat, which was greatly overblown or nonexistent. And now the spectre of a Russian Menace has been raised again in the wake of Donald Trump's election.

THE PLOT TO SCAPEGOAT RUSSIA examines the recent proliferation of stories, usually sourced from American state actors, blaming and manipulating the threat of Russia, and the long history of which this episode is just the latest chapter. It will show readers two key things:
(1) the ways in which the United States has needlessly provoked Russia, especially after the collapse of the USSR, thereby squandering hopes for peace and cooperation; and (2) how Americans have lost out from this missed opportunity, and from decades of conflicts based upon false premises. These revelations, amongst other, make THE PLOT TO SCAPEGOAT RUSSIA one of the timeliest reads of 2017.

Daniel Kovalik has been a labor and human rights lawyer since graduating from Columbia Law School in 1993. He has represented plaintiffs in ATS cases arising out of egregious human rights abuses in Colombia. He received the David W. Mills Mentoring Fellowship from Stanford Law School, has written extensively for the Huffington Post and Counterpunch, and has lectured throughout the world.

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21. July 2017, quote
A powerful contradiction to the present US narrative of the world . . . As shown here, fake news is thriving in Washington, DC.

Oliver Stone

21. July 2017, quote
Dan Kovalik’s book is a beautifully written, uncommonly coherent, and very compelling treatise on the issues facing America today . . . a troubling indictment of where we’ve been and where we’re headed. Moreover, this book is profoundly important, and a t

Phillip F. Nelson, author

21. July 2017, quote
…confronts the timeliest of subjects, the effort to resuscitate the Cold War by blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for interfering in the 2016 presidential campaign on behalf of Donald Trump, an effort pursued by CIA and the Democratic Party working

Joan Mellen, author

21. July 2017, quote
…underscores how the CIA’s infiltration and shaping of the media, which began in the 1950s, successfully continues today. A very worthwhile account for anyone who wants to understand how “reality” is manufactured, while ‘real truth’ is murdered and buried

Peter Janney, author

21. July 2017, quote
This timely and thought-provoking book turns Orwellian ‘double-think’ on its head in a cogent analysis of what’s really behind all the saber rattling against Russia. . . . Dan Kovalik pulls no punches in dissecting the history of how America has justified

Dick Russell, author

17. August 2017, review
Why Does the United States Beat Up On Capitalist Russia?


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