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Tony Ross, Dominique Demers

This book is the first in the series of Mademoiselle Charlotte's Advenutures where the main character keeps on changing her identity and delight all children. In the first book she is a teacher, then she will be a librarian, after that a football coach, a minister and so on. Mademoiselle Charlotte is a modern Mary Poppins. The series has been very popular in Canada where it's adapted on television.

Mademoiselle Charlotte, the new teacher, is not like the others: she wears a large hat and a crumpled dress that make her look like a scarecrow, and she talks to a rock. The children think she is crazy at first, but soon realize she makes school more fun than ever, getting them to measure the room with cooked spaghetti in maths class, telling fascinating stories about a gorilla and even taking the pupils on at football.

The first book in Dominique Demers's popular series, The New Teacher, brilliantly illustrated by Tony Ross, is an entertaining, imaginative and inspiring book that will make you wish you had a teacher just like Mademoiselle Charlotte.

A former professor and journalist in her native Canada, Dominique Demers is the successful author of over fifty books for children, young adults and adults.

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Italy: Einaudi Ragazzi ; Macedonia: Prosvetno Delo ; Bulgaria: Prozoretz ; Turkey: CAN Publishing ; Netherlands: Kluitman

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An Interview with Dominique Demers

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