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Marija Pericic

A richly imagined novel that holds a secret to how some of the greatest works of literature came to be.

‘All I felt was the sick poison of jealousy, the panic of self-preservation and a determination to stop Franz at all costs … I wanted to destroy Franz’s stories …’

It is 1908, and Max Brod is the rising star of Prague’s literary world. Everything he desires—fame, respect, love—is finally within his reach. But when a rival appears on the scene, Max discovers how quickly he can lose everything he has worked so hard to attain. He knows that the newcomer, Franz Kafka, has the power to eclipse him for good, and he must decide to what lengths he will go to hold onto his success. But there is more to Franz than meets the eye, and Max, too, has secrets that are darker than even he knows, secrets that may in the end destroy both of them.

The Lost Pages is a richly reimagined story of Max Brod’s life filtered through his relationship with Franz Kafka. A literary take on the self-loathing of an artist endangered and eclipsed by another’s genius. In this inspired novel of friendship, fraud, madness and betrayal, Marija Pericic writes vividly and compellingly of an extraordinary literary rivalry.

MARIJA PERICIC grew up in Perth, Western Australia, the child of German and Croatian immigrants. She holds a Masters degree in English Literature. She now lives in Melbourne where she teaches English as a foreign language. The Lost Pages is her first novel.

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7. June 2017, quote
... cleverly structured and an intriguing concept.

Jenny Barry, BooksPlus

7. June 2017, quote
From the very beginning, the strain between Kafka and Brod is hugely entertaining. Brod is anti- social and prefers his own company, just like the best of Kafka’s characters.

Rohan Wilson, award winning author of The Roving Party and To Name Those Lost

7. June 2017, quote
The annual The Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award has been awarded to THE LOST PAGES by Marija Pericic.

Allen & Unwin

8. June 2017, quote
Interview in German

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