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Megan Goldin

A compulsive page-turner that taps into the current appetite for chilling domestic noir.

Julie West's seemingly perfect marriage unravels when she suspects her husband, a psychology professor, of having an affair with a graduate student bearing a striking resemblance to his first wife, Laura West, who died under mysterious circumstances years earlier.

Determined to save her marriage, Julie follows her husband's suspected lover at the college campus where he teaches to find a way to break them up.

The discovery of Laura West's body in a forest near Kellers Way, on the outskirts of the North Carolina college town where Julie and her husband live, strengthens Julie's resolve to save her marriage even as it dredges up deeply buried secrets.

As the police close in on the killer, Julie is strangely drawn to Kellers Way. She jogs along the secluded forest road to escape the confines of her stifling suburban life. Until something happens there that makes Julie question everything she ever believed about her marriage, her life and even her sanity...

Megan Goldin reported from the Middle East for The Associated Press and The New York Daily News. Her articles have run in newspapers across the United States. Megan was also a Middle East correspondent for the Reuters news agency, covering war zones and international diplomacy. She was also a media head for Yahoo! before writing her debut novel The Girl In Kellers Way. Megan previously studied at The University of Miami and spent time in North Carolina where the novel is set.

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