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Jessica Knoll

From the author of the bestselling debut novel of 2015 Luckiest Girl Alive comes Jessica Knoll's new thriller, featuring a pair of competitive and uber-successful sisters whose secrets and lies result in murder when they sign on to a reality television show.

When five hyper-successful, beautiful, and hugely competitive women agree to appear on a reality television show set in New York City called "Goal Diggers" (think "Real Housewives" meets "Shark Tank"), executives expect a season filled with the petty grievances, vicious social media attacks, and outrageous posturing that makes these shows catnip to the viewing public.
But they can't anticipate the second season of "Goal Diggers" will feature murder.

BRETT is the fan favorite. At only 28, Brett's lifestyle brand WeFlow has become a favorite of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence. Her burgeoning success story and her recent engagement to her girlfriend of three months has made her the object of jealousy and vitriol from her cast mates (formerly friends).
KELLY is Brett's sister, the most recent recruit to the show, has signed on to be Brett's COO. Willowy and startlingly beautiful, Kelly is the wildcard, a former yoga instructor in Florida, widely condemned by the veteran cast mates as a wannabe whose success isn't her own and therefore should disqualify her from participating in the show at all.
LAUREN is the veteran and grand dame of the show. The oldest cast member at 36, Lauren's successful dating app has earned her millions. But watching Brett's star rise has left a bitter taste in her mouth. Or maybe it's due to the copious amount of alcohol she downs every day. The producers want a recovery narrative, and America loves a comeback story.
JEN beat cancer by creating her own holistic and vegan line of foods, which she turned into a gold mine by selling it directly and online. Her mother AVA, a feminist icon, is a regular on the show. Jen professes purity in living, refuses to have reconstructive surgery after her double mastectomy, and proudly dyes her crew cut pink for the cancer cause. It's hard to knock a survivor, but it's hard to watch Jen smuggle drinks and beef when the cameras are off.
STEPHANIE is a hugely successful writer of erotic books who's launched a fatwa against Brett (Brett didn't even call her when her mother died). The sole African-American on the show, she and her dangerously handsome but non-working actor-husband turn heads in their Upper East Side neighborhood. But their relationship with Lauren leaves more questions than answers.

Each of these women is hiding something dark from their viewers, from their producers, and from one another. And with Brett dead, the remaining women want more than anything to keep those secrets hidden.
Structured as a series of episodes, Jessica Knoll's second novel again delivers a deliciously scathing expose and the same hair-raising plot twists readers loved in LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE.

Jessica Knoll has taken the literary world by storm since the publication of her debut novel, Luckiest Girl Alive. And she's set to conquer Hollywood next as the novel is adapted for the silver screen by producers Reese Witherspoon and Bruna Papandra

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