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Eileen Ormsby

Drugs, Death and Destroyed Lives ... The Inside Story of the internet's Evil Twin

THE DARKEST WEB by Eileen Ormsby is uncovering the secrets of the 'hidden' corners of the internet. It is both fascinating and chilling, with Ormsby's unparalleled investigative journalism skills bringing an incredible amount of detail to true crime stories of blackmail, theft, torture, paedophilia and murder.

This is an essential snapshot for anyone interested in the birth of the Silk Road, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as the darker communities these trailblazers unwittingly enabled hurtcore and live-streamed torture, hitmen for hire, and the pervasive spread of child pornography.

In a concise, critical work which methodically exposes the worst of the internet (and humanity), Ormsby's stories range from ridiculous to terrifying, but are always absolutely captivating.

THE DARKEST WEB is divided into three parts, aptly named 'Dark', 'Darker' and 'Darkest'. In each, Ormsby uses a case study to guide us through a different aspect of the Dark Web. The first, a history of notorious online drug marketplace The Silk Road; the second is an expose of the hitmen-for-hire website Besa Mafia and their role in the murder of Minnesota resident Amy Allwine in November last year; the third is the story of Matthew Graham, the 25 year old who - under the pseudonym Lux - created the largest paedophilia and torture porn network in the world.

It is rare to find a plainly-told, fact-heavy work of non-fiction which reads like fiction, and yet the twists and turns that have led to the Dark Web as it exists today often beggar belief. As a leading authority in the area, having followed the slithering growth of the Dark Web since its inception, Ormsby is often implicated in her own investigations - there is a personal aspect to her storytelling which makes it all the more interesting. She could not be closer to the information, and her knowledge on the subject is absolute. For anyone looking for the decisive guide to the state of the Dark Web as it stands - this is it.

Eileen Ormsby has spent the past five years exploring every corner of the Dark Web. She has shopped on darknet markets, contributed to forums, waited in red rooms and hacked hitmen-for-hire sites. On occasions, her dark web activities have poured out into the real world and she has attended trials, met with criminals and the law enforcement who tracked them down, interviewed dark web identities and visited them in prison.

EILEEN ORMSBY is a lawyer and investigative journalist. Her first book, The Silk Road, was published in 2014.

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