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Mike Edison, Patrick Martins

50 Things You Need to Know to Eat Responsibly

A short and bold manifesto with 50 declarations on why we should eat well, eat responsibly, and eat meat.

Many of the recent approaches to responsible nourishment are overly strict and unrealistic. Martins shows when popular diets like "local" and "vegetarian" make sense and when they don't. His book is a 150 page omnivore's attack against phony diets and a manifesto for common sense. In 50 shrewdly subversive chapters, the authors take an unorthodox look at sustainability, business, gastronomy, and the shortcomings of strictly locavore trends.

Wisdoms include "Sleep with Your Butcher," "Eat an Endangered Species," and "Your Mouth Never Lies." Martins is not afraid to be blunt to get his point across. For instance, why sleep with your butcher? Because a butcher is "the last stop between you and the meat you put in your mouth. And when you think about it in those terms, do we have to explain just how intimate a relationship that is?"

The author, Patrick Martins, is a distributor of locally raised meat through his company Heritage Foods USA, which sends over 60,000 pounds of meat every week to New York's top restaurants. He is also a founder of Slow Food USA and a founder and on-air personality at Heritage Radio Network, which has over 1 million visitors a month. His co-writer, Mike Edison, is a former editor in chief of High Times (yup!) and ghosted Joe Bastianich’s book, Restaurant Man.

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