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Jon Levy

Discover the Science of Adventure

With the mold-breaking brilliance of Timothy Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Work Week, and the geeky enthusiasm of a TED Talk, this book is your ticket to the next level. You’ll learn plenty, but the first lesson is easy: nothing good happens after 2 AM—except the most EPIC experiences of our lives.

Most people say that adventures happen by chance. But just think: If adventures were solely a product of luck, everyone would lead similarly exciting lives . . . except we don't.

People always say, “Nothing good happens after 2 a.m.” But they probably have never narrowly escaped death while running with bulls in Pamplona, defeated Kiefer Sutherland in a drunken game of Jenga, or jumped into a moving limousine full of strangers only to take over a bachelorette party. That’s because they only got it half- right. Nothing good happens after 2 am . . . except the most EPIC experiences of your life.

Why did they get it wrong? Because until now, no one realized there was a science of adventure. Adventures don’t happen by accident—just ask Jon Levy. Once a high school geek, he is now a world-traveling behavior scientist and the creator of the EPIC Model of Adventure, a breakthrough four-stage process for creating unforgettable experiences—from assembling the right team and the finer points of party crashing, to the science of being funny and ending the evening with style.

The 2 AM Principle combines outrageous triumphs, embarrassing failures, and life-changing lessons from Levy’s adventures with concrete science to show anyone how to live life more fully—and adventurously.

The author is a digital strategist, consultant, and behaviorist, and founder of The Influencers Dinner and Salon, a secret community of over 800 private members, comprised of over 800 thought leaders and tastemakers from across industries, including Olympians, Nobel laureates, royalty, celebrities, scientists and musicians.

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23. March 2017, quote
Jon Levy is what happens when you mix a behavioral scientist likeRobert Cialdiniwith Indiana Jones.

Lewis Howes, New York Times bestselling author of The School of Greatness

23. March 2017, quote
A brilliant and indispensable guide to seizing the day (or, more precisely, seizing the night). Jon Levy masterfully shows us how to have daring, mind-expanding adventures without ending up in a hospital or jail cell. Your life will be filled with more ad

AJ Jacobs, bestseller author of The Year of Living Biblically

23. March 2017, quote
[Levy is] a uniquely qualified expert on the subject of memorable . . . experiences.

Kristin Tice Studeman,

23. March 2017, quote
A how-to guide for having adventures.

Jane Borden,

23. March 2017, quote
A must-read for those of us in love with travel and adventure!

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