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Colin Dray

A compelling novel told from the perspective of a ten-year-old boy, Sam, who is recovering from a cancer operation that leaves him unable to speak ever again.

Sam lives with his mother, sister Katie and Aunt Dettie, his father's sister, who help to look after Sam and Katie. His father is notably absent, and has been for some time, and when Sam and Katie's mother begins to date again, Aunt Dettie reacts very badly. One day Aunt Dettie unexpectedly packs Sam and Katie into the backseat of her car and tells them that she's taking them to Perth to be reunited with their father. As Dettie drives the children across Australia in the middle of a sweltering and dangerous bushfire season, her behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, and the children begin to realise that there is something very wrong.

Sign is an unputdownable, ultimately heartwarming novel about family, illness and the back roads of life, reminiscent of Lost and Found by Brooke Davis and Little Miss Sunshine.

Dray is a gifted writer who has produced a novel that is evocative, perceptive and original.

COLIN DRAY was shortlisted for the 2015 Vogel's Award. He lives on the South Coast of NSW.

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