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Tennie McCarty

A Programm To Stop Dieting and Start Livin

One of the foremost experts an eating addiction, McCarty here shares her philosophy and treatment of her famous retreat center, Shades of Hope. With her trademark toughness, good humor and southern charm, Tennie uses her personal story, as well as those of others, to show readers how they can break free of addiction and find the divine within themselves.

SHADES OF HOPE is not a guide to losing weight. There are millions of people who bounce [rom one diet to another with na understanding of the link between emotional eating (compulsive overeating) and not being abl~ ta keep off the weight. Not all have eating disorders, but many have disorder eating and need to understand the connection. An interactive book that asks readers to be a part of their healing, SHADES OF HOPE provides real-life solutions and a step-by step program to teach readers how to let go of the never-ending cycle of overeating and attempted diets. McCarty believes that food addiction is a physical and mental problem with a spiritual solution. In her work with clients, she helps them uncover why they yo-yo diet, why they compromise their health with a diseased relationship to food, why their uncontrollable need tor control has left them feeling broken, and what it is about their past or present that leads them to seek comfort in the oscillating consumption and restriction of food. Tennie McCarty, a certified addictions specialist and licensed counselor in chemical dependency, is one of the foremost experts in treating addiction to behaviors and substances, especialiy food. She has been featured on the We Oprah Winfrey Network's Addicted to Food and on Nightline, the Dr. Qz Show, and others. Almost 25 years ago she cofounded Shades of Hope Treatment Center.

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