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Miri Leshem-Pelly

Scribble and Author is a picture book in the form of a dialogue between Scribble, the main character, and Author, who created her. Scribble's journey starts on a peaceful shore called THE BEGINNING, continues to the rough, adventurous MIDDLE, and leads finally to the gate of THE ENDING, but it's not at all what Scribble expected....

Scribble and Author breaks the boundary between the book character and the writer/illustrator. Scribble even takes action herself and shapes her own story. She breaks through the book and uses real-world elements (a roll of tape, an extra sheet of paper, a paintbrush - objects the illustrator has left lying around) to problem-solve and shape her story.

Scribble will inspire children to use their imagination and will give them new insights into understanding what a story is, in a fun way.

Ages 4 - 8 years.

Miri Leshem-Pellyis a best-selling author-illustrator in her home country of Israel. She has won the Nachum Gutman Illustration Award and the Rishon Letzion Mayor Award.

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15. June 2017, Review
[...] Vivid, offbeat, and instructive. -- Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews

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