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Alexandra Zapruder

Young Writers' Diaries of the Holocaust

Salvaged Pages is the seminal, National Jewish Book Award winning collection of diaries written by young people during the Holocaust.

The diaries collected herein reflect a vast and diverse range of experiences—some of the writers were refugees, others were hiding or passing as non-Jews, some were imprisoned in ghettos. The diarists ranged in age from twelve to twenty-two; some survived the Holocaust, but most perished. Taken together, their accounts of daily events and their often unexpected thoughts, ideas, and feelings serve to deepen and complicate our understanding of life during the Holocaust.

In the introduction to the volume, Alexandra Zapruder reflects on the history and presentation of Anne Frank’s diary and offers a new framework for thinking about the writings young people produced in this time of extreme crisis. She assesses the value of these literary fragments as part of the historical record of the Holocaust and provides informative introductions about when and where each diary was written; the diarist’s biographical, religious, cultural, and economic circumstances; his or her fate; the circumstances of the diary’s discovery, and its significance.

The book, first published in 2002, offered the first comprehensive collection of such writings, with extensive excerpts from fifteen diaries, ten of which had never before been translated and published in English.
The second edition, revised and updated to include new research, is forthcoming in November 2015. It opens with a preface by Alexandra Zapruder reflecting on the book’s history and its impact on Holocaust scholarship and education. A revised appendix offers extensive details about the known diaries written by young people during this period, more than seventy in all. A second appendix provides a study of related materials, such as rewritten and reconstructed diaries, letters, diary-memoirs, and texts by non-Jewish young victims of the war and Nazism.
Simultaneously Salvaged Pages will be issued in an enhanced e-book incorporating a wealth of new content in a variety of media, including photographs of the writers and their families, images of the original diaries, artwork made by the writers, historical documents, glossary terms, maps, survivor testimony (some created especially for this project), and video clips of the author readings and speaking about key diary entries

Alexandra Zapruder was on the founding staff of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and was writer and co-producer of I’m Still Here, an award-winning documentary for young people based on Salvaged Pages.

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