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Ellen Pao

My Fight for Inclusion and Lasting Change

RESET is a bold and fearless account that reveals the toxic culture of Silicon Valley and for the first time tells the story of the discrimination case that “[blew] open a conversation about the status of women” (The New York Times) and sparked a movement.

Ellen Pao has been called “the face of change” (Time) and a “feminist hero” (Elle), and counts Hillary Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg and Anita Hill among her supporters.

In 2015, Ellen Pao’s trial against the powerhouse venture capitalist firm Kleiner Perkins shook up not only Silicon Valley, but riveted the nation as she spoke out against the subtle and insidious discrimination women and people of color experience daily in Corporate America. When she lost her case, her supporters were outraged, but Pao resolved to keep fighting. As CEO of Reddit, she moved to ban revenge porn and hate speech and called for tech companies to uphold their moral responsibility—but was unseated. Her experiences, including her fight in the courts against a monolithic opponent, are told here in jaw-dropping detail. After it all, Pao realized, we need to hit reset. Pao is now the co-founder of Project Include, an accelerator for diversity in tech. Through her advocacy and her book, she aims to spark a movement to empower other women and minorities.

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4. November 2017, quote
I wrote a whole book about experiences like [Ellen Pao's]. So many women – not just in technology but across industries – saw their own experiences there.

Sheryl Sandberg

4. November 2017, quote
Financial Times has announced the longlist for the FT & McKinsey Business Book of the Year 2017 – and we’re thrilled to announce that RESET by Ellen Pao (Spiegel & Grau, Sept 2017) has made the distinguished list of 17 books! Shortlist is announced Sept

Financial Times

4. November 2017, review
[Ellen Pao's] bravery in filing the lawsuit made her a hero to many women and helped change the conversation around sexism in tech. Now, Pao is back, with a new book, Reset, which takes readers behind the scenes of the roller coaster she's been on.

Marie Claire

4. November 2017, review
Powerful. Sexism in the tech industry is real, pervasive and extremely damaging, as... Ellen Pao's forthcoming book makes clear.. There can be no conversation about women in tech without tackling the issue head-on. And thanks to Pao's lawsuit, that's what

Huffington Post

4. November 2017, review
Ellen Pao [is] a phenomenal woman. For anyone who cherishes the illusion that the tech industry is somehow superior to, say, investment banking, Pao's book will come as a shock... They say a fish rots from the head down. Same goes for Silicon Valley.

The Guardian

4. November 2017, review
Vivid [and] fascinating reading. The Broadsheet covered the Pao trial extensively, but it's a very different experience to read her words now... Her willingness to come forward paved the way for [other] whistleblowers. The 'Pao effect' is real - and, it s


4. November 2017, quote
[In] Reset, Ellen Pao details both the necessity and cost of speaking up. She has been open in discussing the challenges she faced as a woman of color trying to foment change in Silicon Valley.

Lindy West, The New York Times

4. November 2017, quote
Ellen Pao draws back the curtain in a book that will likely roar through Silicon Valley and beyond. She reveals in detail her experiences as a woman working in the world of tech and gives voice to the experiences of women working across many professions i

Ann Curry

4. November 2017, quote
Ellen Pao courageously confronted Silicon Valley's venture capital world by calling out bias and discrimination. She emerged from a public trial, media frenzy, and a fierce battle against online harassment with her strength, spirit, and voice intact. In R

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

4. November 2017, quote
Pao was one of the earliest voices sounding the alarm about bias and discrimination in the tech world. Reset explores the all-to-common challenges she faced and provides an instructive blueprint for equity and fairness.

Katie Couric

4. November 2017, quote
Necessary and incisive. As Pao detailed her experiences, while also communicating her passion for the work men often impeded her from doing, I was nothing short of infuriated. It was great to see a highly accomplished woman of color speaking out like this

Roxane Gay

4. November 2017, quote
RESET is named a Best Book to Read This Fall by Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine

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