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Emily Balcetis

How Successful People See the World

Humans are astounded by the difference between our visual perception and reality. This book takes a common assumption – that we see others, ourselves, our world, and everything in it the ways they really are – and turns it on its head.

In order to go about our daily lives, we convince ourselves that what we see reflects the truth, but this is rarely the case. Our eyes grasp an incomplete picture, and our mind fills in the gaps with information, often colored by our own biases and life experiences.

In this book, Emily Balcetis will investigate the intersection of social psychology and visual perception to prove that we can leverage this divide between reality and perception for good. She will present strategies for success aimed at a wide variety of aspects of our lives that we hope to improve. The insights in Perception is Power will help overweight individuals exercise better; young people save for retirement; married couples be happier, and much more. It will offer specific tips for maintaining visual illusions when they are helpful and mitigating them when they’re not. By reading this book, we can better understand how the mind’s eye works, what we can do to take control of it, and how to truly see our world from a more advantageous perspective.

Emily Balcetis is an Associate Professor of Psychology at New York University. She has authored over 50 scientific publications, written for The Huffington Post, and appeared as a host for National Geographic and a guest on MSNBC. Her research has been covered by Forbes, Newsweek, Time, Cosmopolitan, Scientific American, and The Atlantic, and her TED Talk has over 2.8 million views. Emily received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nebraska where she was a Regents Scholar and a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Cornell University, where she held a Sage Fellowship.

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