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Daniel Hecht

On Brassard's Farm is a tale of misadventure, magic, and love. Her urban life in ruins and desperate for change, Ann Turner pitches her tent on a remote piece of Vermont woodland and begins working on a small dairy farm. Both experiences challenge her to the utmostand lead to unexpected transformation.

ON BRASSARD'S FARM is a love story -- "But," as its main character says, "it's not the kind of story we usually think of when hearing those words. The difference is not only what's meant by 'love,' but whom or what is loved, and how one goes about it."

In a radical departure from the path that seemed destined for her, Ann Turner buys a piece of remote Vermont forest land. She hopes she can escape an unending string of personal disasters in Boston, but also believes, as she writes in her journal, "There's gotta be a better, more honest way to live."

Her effort to live in the forest and master her job as a farm hand prove more difficult than she had imagined. Ann must prove herself as tough and resilient as the farm community she lives in, and she must meet the challenges living in a tent in a wild hilltop forest. She must also learn to accept love-- even if it arrives inthe most unexpected forms.

Daniel Hechtis the author of six novels published in twelve languages and seventy-four editions throughout the world, with bestsellers in the United States, England, Holland, and Israel. His novels include Skull Session, The Babel Effect, City of Masks, Land of Echoes, and Bones of the Barbary Coast.

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6. October 2017, review
Former musician Daniel Hecht has brought a welcome artistry to his new field. He is a writer for those who demand texture, intriguing information, and a provocative thesis along with their thrills.

Publishers Weekly (starred review), Skull Session

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