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John Butman, Simon Targett

The Making of America by England's Merchant Adventurers

A bold new telling of the founding of America that reveals America's forgotten origins as a business-driven enterprise

American business writer John Butman and British historian and journalist Dr. Simon Targett roll back the clock to reveal that America had been in the making for seventy years before the Mayflower sailed.

And while religion played a role, the driving impulse of the American initiative was commercial. Yes, America was the most ambitious start-up ever attempted.

New World, Inc. is neither a straight history nor a conventional business book. Through the stories of this extraordinary group of pioneers--which have been all but forgotten--Butman and Targett show that the America of today--what it is and what it isn't--was largely created in those years before the Mayflower even set sail.

Targett and Butman are writing in a narrative way, by building characters and driving home central ideas like entrepreneurship in early colonial business, the role of desperation in business decision making and also how, in a sense, the Mystery Company functions in some ways like Elon Musk’s Space X program.
The authors lift the lid on the individual decision making behind the capital building required to make a new world. This perspective sheds a new light on the main actors we think we know from this period.

Simon Targett is a Cambridge-educated historian who was an editor at the Financial Times.
Jon Butman is an editor and freelance writer.

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6. February 2018, review
This engrossing history of adventure and innovation, disclosing the true motive for America's founding, will appeal to all readers.

Library Journal, starred review

6. February 2018, quote
Chinese (simplified): Cheers ; UK & Commonwealth: Atlantic Books

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