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Nikki van Noy

Five Brothers and a Million Sisters

They created the template for all the boy bands and changed the course of pop music for years to come. Their performances today recreate a generations’ memory of their youth. From makeshift stages in Boston youth clubs to sold-out shows at iconic Fenway Park, Madison Square Garden, and other venues throughout the world, The New Kid on the Block (NKOTB) were, and today are again, a rite of passage and a touchstone of youthful memories.

While most of us hold a special spot for our first favorite band, NKOTB is unique in that it was a nearly universal experience for girls who came of age in the late 80s and early 90s. With a series of sold-out international tours, NKOTB blazed through North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, leaving throngs of screaming teen and tween girls in their wake. Hangin’ Tough went eight-times platinum. Nikki Van Noy will reach out and interview these fans, weaving their stories with those of the band. Each member of the band will bring his own story to this authorized, all-access book: from their first auditions in a run-down townhouse in Boston to the lackluster sales of their first album and finally to their current status as a household name. Looking back on thirty years of experiences together, both on and off the stage, this is the perfect moment for Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Donnie, and Danny to reflect on how the band has irrevocably changed their lives, and where they want to go from here.

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6. March 2016, quote
Mentioning the book in one of his shows

Jordan Knight

6. March 2016, review
Van Noy takes what seems like a clichéd pop story—New Kids meteoric rise and equally swift collapse—and turns it into something special, a fascinating tale that will delight the band’s large fan base as well as enlighten its harsh critics.

Publishers Weekly

6. March 2016, review
The story of how five boys from Boston rose from nothing to become unlikely international recording stars in the late 1980s … there is true profundity in the stories of accomplished adult women who, during their formative years, fell in love with five fli


6. March 2016, review
New Kids On The Block Biography Chronicles Boy Band's Rise, Fall And Comeback.

Huffington Post

6. March 2016, review
New Kids on the Block: 8 Things to Know About New Biography.

The Hollywood Reporter

6. March 2016, review
What distinguishes “Five Brothers” from similar biographies is Van Noy’s inclusion of the voices of dozens of NKOTB fans both in the story itself — commenting on events from a fan’s perspective — and sharing personal tales of kindnesses shown by the band

The Boston Globe

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