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(Fall 2018)


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Jennifer Lynn (L.) Barnes

Gilmore Girls meets Pretty Little Liars in this comedic mystery. 17-year-old Sawyer is not your typical teenager - she's an expert on her many obsessive interests, including car engines, medieval weaponry, and lock-picking. She's grown up as the only child of a single mother who is estranged from the rest of her family, and her mom has never revealed the identity of Sawyer's biological father.

When her long-lost (and apparently incredibly wealthy) grandmother shows up one day and offers her a bribe in exchange for coming to live with her, Sawyer jumps at the chance - finally, an opportunity to figure out which of Rolling Hills's wealthiest and most powerful men is her father. But as she digs into a past full of scandals and mysteries, it quickly becomes apparent that these high society families all have secrets that they'd prefer to stay buried - even if it means burying Sawyer, too.

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