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Steven R. Musick

How My Time in Heaven can Transform Your Life on Earth

The true story of a navy sailor's deadly reaction to a vaccine, his encounters with Jesus in heaven, his miraculous return to life, and his desire to help others experience the kingdom of heaven here on earth.

This book chronicles the life (and temporary death) and supernatural experiences of Steve Musick. When Steve was in his twenties, he died and went to heaven. At the time of his death he was enlisted in the Navy. His death was the result of a failed experimental vaccine that the government was testing on soldiers. When he came back to life, he knew he had seen God, spoken with Jesus, and received a great deal of peace and spiritual healing. As a result of being in a coma for so long, Steve suffered from serious lung damage and was limited severely in his physical capabilities. Twenty years after the accident, Steve was miraculously healed by God and restored to full health. Ever since his return to Earth, Steve has experienced extraordinary dreams and has at key moments experienced supernatural intuition, including dreams of foreknowledge. He wants to spend the rest of his life helping readers experience the kingdom of heaven in the here and now.

Steve Musick is one of most successful financial planners west of the Mississippi. His world is one of numbers, figures, projections, and concrete facts. When you meet him, you know he's grounded, rational, logical, and calm; the epitome of a trustworthy narrator. But you also know that there is something different, almost otherworldly about him. Steve has been to Heaven, and now he lives to tell about it.


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