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Massimo Donati

A bildungsroman about two different periods in life that are at war, one against the other, and about one man's second life, marked by a deep crevasse.

During the last summer between childhood and adolescence during a long holiday with his grandmother Roberto discovers true friendship: Mario is his only friend; eyes covered by a rebel hair-lock and the raspy voice of an always-pissed angel, he becomes Roberto's soul-mate, the one to go off the trail with, to imagine himself as an adult, beyond his age of twelve, and be on the edge of danger. While the adult world seems to be getting crazy and confused.

Then, the two friends decide to disobey, and go off on a trip to a dangerous peak in the mountains, risking everything, even their innocence.

Thirty years later, Roberto lives in Zurich as a quiet and hard-working man, esteemed and wealthy. He is an art dealer, has got a business partner and a girlfriend who loves him, Elena. He has cut the ties with the past. But, when his father dies, he returns to his family's house, sliding towards his forgotten past: the memories of a father he first loved, then hated, his mother's rose garden, the family company, the will.

His father's will makes Roberto face the unresolved issues of that faraway summer: a long-kept secret that now must be resolved, so that he can finally be be free. To do it, he needs Mario. And he needs to go back to the mountain, one last time.

Massimo Donati lives and works between Milan and Rome. He is a writer and a director - both for cinema and theatre. With the movie Fuoriscena, shot inside the Academy of Teatro alla Scala, and distribued in Italy and abroad, he has received many awards - among them: Premio Speciale ai Nastri d'Argento 2014 and Prix du Juri Lyceen Documentaire, at Annecy Cinéma Italien Festival. In 2013, Mondadori published his Diario di spezie, and the film based on it received the recognition Interesse Culturale by the Cinema Department of Cultural Heritage and Activities Ministry.

La gita in montagna is a realistic, intimate and compelling coming of age, describing family dynamics and close relationships, with secrets and terrible faults.

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15. November 2017, quote
Donati is a writer with a genuine gift, and LA GITA IN MONTAGNA is a work of literature which keeps the reader turning the pages while exploring profound questions about childhood, family, shame and power

Michael Heyward, publisher (Text Publishing)

15. November 2017, quote
World English: Text Publishing


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