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Joy Mangano

An inspirational manifesto by self-made inventor and mogul Joy Mangano that provides readers with a powerful blueprint for living with more success, confidence, and happiness in work and life.

Joy has an incredible rags-to-riches journey: A plucky single mom, struggling to make ends meet invents a self-wringing mop and via a star appearance on QVC becomes an overnight sensation and goes on to become a millionaire mogul. Her life story was recently captured on the big screen by acclaimed screenwriter and director David O. Russell in the filmJoy,starring Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Joy Mangano carved her own path to fame and fortune with courage, creativity, and sheer force of will. She believes the skills and tools she used along the way are available to us all, no matter our dreams or circumstance. In her deeply personal and inspirational book, Joy shares poignant and relatable stories about her childhood, her family, her career, and her ultimate mission—to live a life that brings “True Joy” to her and all those around her. In doing so, she lays out a blueprint that will help dreamers everywhere build their best and bravest life. Indispensable for innovators, entrepreneurs, and boundary-breakers of all shapes and sizes,Inventing Joyreaches beyond the business world to offer a beautiful new way to perceive—and improve—your life, family, relationships, success, and even your very purpose. This book reaches not just entrepreneurs, but anyone who wants to fill their lives with confidence, success…and joy.

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27. July 2017, quote
It was an honor to play Joy on the big screen—she’s such a fearless woman, an incredible business force, and an inspiration to everyone she meets.

Jennifer Lawrence

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