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Belinda Recio

Bears that Count, Goats that Surf, and Other True Stories of Animal Intelligence and Emotion

As Charles Darwin suggested more than a century ago, the differences between animals and humans are “one of degree and not of kind.” Not long ago, ethologists denied that animals had emotions or true intelligence. Now, we know that rats laugh when tickled, magpies mourn as they cover the departed with greenery, female whales travel thousands of miles for annual reunions with their gal pals, seals navigate by the stars, bears hum when happy, and crows slide down snowy rooftops for fun.

In engaging text, photographs, and infographics, INSIDE ANIMAL HEARTS AND MINDS showcases fascinating and heart-warming examples of animal emotion and cognition that will foster wonder and empathy. Learn about an orangutan who does “macramé,” monkeys that understand the concept of money, and rats that choose friendship over food. Even language, math, and logic are no longer exclusive to humans. Prairie dogs have their own complex vocabularies to describe human intruders, parrots name their chicks, sea lions appear capable of deductive thinking akin to a ten-year-old child’s, and bears, lemurs, parrots, and other animals demonstrate numerical cognition.

In a world where a growing body of scientific research is closing the gap between the human and non-human, INSIDE ANIMAL HEARTS AND MINDS invites us to change the way we view animals, the world, and our place in it.

Belinda Recio is a contributing editor for Organic Spa Magazine where she writes the “State of the Ark” column on the human-animal relationship. The recipient of the United States Humane Society’s Award for Innovation in the Study of Animals and Society, she has authored books, iOS apps, and children’s science kits for clients like Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and Scholastic. Recio runs True North Gallery (, where she exhibits art that connects people with animals and nature.

Jonathan Balcombeis an ethologist, author, and speaker. He has published over fifty scientific papers on animal behavior and animal protection. He is the director of Animal Sentience with the Humane Society Institute for Science and Policy and the author of five books, including What a Fish Knows: The Inner Lives of Our Underwater Cousins.

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8. May 2017, quote
In an increasingly human-dominated world, nonhuman animals (aka animals) need all the help they can get. Belinda Recio's Inside Animal Hearts and Minds will make it easier for people to rewild their hearts, and (re)connect with other animals. It's essenti

Marc Bekoff, author of Rewilding Our Hearts

8. May 2017, quote
A fascinating account of animal emotions and animal intelligence. She makes the stories she tells available to a wide audience, and her examples are fair, friendly, and charming. I cannot imagine any animal lover not finding this a wonderful book!

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, bestselling author of Beasts

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