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F. Diane Barth

The Joy and Heartbreak fo Friendship in Women's Lives

An expert's rich exploration of the intense, complicated landscape of women's friendships.

For many women, the nuances of their relationships with other women are as fraught – or sometimes even more fraught – than their romantic relationships. They struggle when these friendships change, or when they end. They rejoice in them, and they define their lives by them.

In this insightful and empathetic book, Barth, a psychotherapist widely recognized for her expertise in this area, draws out engaging stories from a lively and diverse cast of women, many of whom speak about feelings they have never shared before. She explores how life changes affect women's friendships in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.
Interweaving examples from classic women’s literature to chick flicks, she provides grounded advice on how to manage betrayal and rejection, how to deal with a narcissistic or bossy friend, what to do when your best friend and your family don’t get along, how to let go of a friendship that has stopped working, and much more. This is a wise and sensible guide for women in their twenties to their sixties, and beyond.

F. DIANE BARTH has worked as a psychotherapistin New York City for more than three decades. Her Psychology Today blog, often on the subject of women’s friendships, has over 4,000,000 views.

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