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Garth Nix

"The Princess Bride" meets the best of Gregory Maguire in this humorous and heartfelt adventure for young and old alike.

Anya, the Princess of Trallonia, doesn't exactly fit the mold. She is much happier traipsing around the grounds of the castle, getting her hands dirty, and playing with the staff (both human and animal), and would never be caught dead mooning over any old prince. She's a force to be reckoned with. A force that is keeping her villainous step-step father, Duke Rikard, from seizing absolute power. Though he promised Anya's father on his deathbed that she would be educated at home, the Duke has long conspired to send her off to a faraway school where she will make no trouble (for him, at least.) This simply will not do. Anya will not be silenced. Anya will fight.

After her sister Morven's latest suitor, Denholm, is unceremoniously transmogrified into a frog by Rikard's powers, the aptly named Fairly Reliable Transmogrification Reversal Lip Balm is his only hope. If only the castle's only supply hadn't just run dry! Despite her fervent protestations, Anya must go on a Quest (with a capital Q, for good measure) to find the far-fetched ingredients that will create the magical lip balm, reverse Denholm's transformation, and defeat the evil Duke. As with any Quest with a capital Q, it cannot be embarked upon alone, and Anya wrangles up a motley crew of lovable companions, from Ardent, the ever-faithful royal dog to Shrub, a budding thief-turned-newt keen to seek a legendary treasure of his own. Little do any of them know that further paths will cross, destinies will entwine, and they'll be thrust into an
adventure far greater than any of them could have ever imagined.

Garth Nix’s books have sold in excess of 5,000,000 copies internationally. His books have appeared in the bestseller lists of the New York Times, the Sunday Times (UK), Publishers Weekly (US), The Australian, The Bookseller (UK), and Bookseller & Publisher (Australia).

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German World Book Annelie Geissler
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21. March 2016, quote
A/NZ: Allen & Unwin; UK: Hot Key ; Hungary: Gabo Kids


9. March 2017, review
With wonderfully inventive creatures, challenging vocabulary, and a captivating story, this fantasy is recommended as a first purchase for YA collections.

Library Journal, starred

8. May 2017, quote
exciting news from The Hollywood Reporterabout the film adaptation of Garth Nix's FROGKISSER!


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