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Artist Brittany Wright was stuck in a dead end job and needed a new creative project to stay happy-so she learned to cook. Inspired by the effortless beauty of her ingredients-fresh fruits, vegetables, and more-she created the hugely popular Instagram hashtag #foodgradients to showcase the splendor of nature's edible rainbows.

The gradient photography style that has made Wright an internet sensation (with nearly 200,000 Instagram followers, which include Martha Stewart (!) and several influential design blogs) is the inspiration for this vibrant four-color collection of food photography. FEAST YOUR EYES shows off the amazing variety in colors of everyday food items like squash, hot peppers, candy, beer, and even a single cup of coffee. Brittany meticulously composes each photo to reflect minute shifts in color to create striking works of art. Each exquisite, neatly ordered photograph is an antidote to noise, a breath of fresh air for a busy audience looking to find beauty in the simple things, and eye candy for our inner perfectionists.

With a sleek, minimalist design and featuring over a hundred gorgeous, serene photos, FEAST YOUR EYES will inspire readers to embrace color in their lives—and in their kitchens.

Brittany Wright is a Seattle-based professional food photographer (Instagram: @wrightkitchen; website:wrightkitchen.com). She has created sponsored photography for Buzzfeed, Uber, American Express, Food and Wine, and Target.Her work has been featured in Conde Nast Traveller, Better Homes and Gardens, O Magazine, and Esquire. Her life goal is to teach herself how to cook anything and everything.

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7. August 2017, review
This photographer's Instagram will soothe your love of organization.


7. August 2017, review
Totally mesmerizing.

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