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Chris Impey

Our Future in Space

Chris Impey’s Beyond dares to imagine a fantastic future for humans in space—and then reminds us that we’re already there.

Human exploration has been an unceasing engine of technological progress, from the first homo sapiens to leave our African cradle to a future in which mankind promises to settle another world. Beyond tells the epic story of humanity leaving home—and how humans will soon thrive in the vast universe beyond the earth.

A dazzling and propulsive voyage through space and time, Beyond reveals how centuries of space explorers—from the earliest stargazers to today’s cutting-edge researchers—all draw inspiration from an innate human emotion: wanderlust. This urge to explore led us to multiply around the globe, and it can be traced in our DNA.

Today, the urge to discover manifests itself in jaw-dropping ways: plans for space elevators poised to replace rockets at a fraction of the cost; experiments in suspending and reanimating life for ultra-long-distance travel; prototypes for solar sails that coast through space on the momentum of microwaves released from the Earth. With these ventures, private companies and entrepreneurs have the potential to outpace NASA as the leaders in a new space race.

Combining expert knowledge of astronomy and avant-garde technology, Chris Impey guides us through the heady possibilities for the next century of exploration. In twenty years, a vibrant commercial space industry will be operating. In thirty years, there will be small but viable colonies on the Moon and Mars. In fifty years, mining technology will have advanced enough to harvest resources from asteroids. In a hundred years, a cohort of humans born off-Earth will come of age without ever visiting humanity’s home planet. This is not the stuff of science fiction but rather the logical extension of already available technologies.

Beyond shows that space exploration is not just the domain of technocrats, but the birthright of everyone and the destiny of generations to come. To continue exploration is to ensure our survival. Outer space, a limitless unknown, awaits us.

Chris Impey is an award-winning University Distinguished Professor at the University of Arizona. In addition to his critically acclaimed books How It Begins and How It Ends, he has written two astronomy textbooks. He lives in Tucson, Arizona.

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6. March 2016, review
[R]ousing and compellingly readable… Impey’s work will appeal to the usual space buffs as well as sci-fi fans looking for an entertaining and informative peek into the future that’s also grounded in plausible science. Carl Hays


6. March 2016, review
With vivid writing that skillfully walks the line between visionary and pragmatic, Impey finds equal opportunity for both humans and robotic explorers on a journey that could not only teach us about new worlds, but “how to be better caretakers of this one

Publishers Weekly (starred)

6. March 2016, review
One of the most accessible accounts of the history of rockets and space travel I have ever read… entertaining and informative. John Gribbin

Wall Street Journal

6. March 2016, quote
Impey’s spacefaring vision really shines in this captivating tour of our deepest past and distant future. It's a marvelous book to curl up with on a starry night and let your mind roam through the halls of possibility.

Diane Ackerman

6. March 2016, quote
Chris Impey’s Beyond is so much fun to read that it is hard to think of it as a major reference work on space travel—history, current status, and the wild blue yonder. But it is!

Owen Gingerich

6. March 2016, quote
In Beyond: Our Future in Space, by far my favorite of his books to date, Chris Impey speaks of an "explorer gene" that has propelled humanity from Africa to the Moon. I suspect Impey of harboring that particular gene himself, given the enthusiasm he bring

David H. Levy

6. March 2016, quote
This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the fate of the human race and our bright future among the stars. Chris Impey shows how our efforts to expand beyond Earth are part of the same biological drive that made humans spread their habitat across

Ben Bova

6. March 2016, quote
In Beyond, by far my favorite of his books to date, Chris Impey speaks of an ‘explorer gene’ that has propelled humanity from Africa to the Moon. I suspect Impey of harboring that particular gene himself, given the enthusiasm he brings to this swashbuckli

Dava Sobel

6. March 2016, quote
In Beyond, Chris Impey manages to rejuvenate that ‘Space Is Our Future’ feeling that pervaded human culture a half century ago. A needed reminder that, today, not enough of us are looking up, and even fewer among us are doing anything about it.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

8. May 2017, quote
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