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Joshua Freeman

The Factory and the World it Made

In a major work of scholarship that is also wonderfully accessible, celebrated historian Joshua B. Freeman tells the grand story of the factory and examines how it has reflected both our grandest dreams and worst nightmares.

He whisks readers from the textile mills in England that powered the Industrial Revolution, to the colossal steel and car plants of 20th century America, Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union, to today’s behemoths making sneakers, toys, and iPhones in China and Vietnam. He traces arguments about factories and social progress through such critics and champions as Marx and Engels, Alexander Hamilton, Henry Ford, and Joseph Stalin. And he explores the representation of factories in the work of Charles Sheeler, Margaret Bourke-White, Charlie Chaplin, Diego Rivera, and Edward Burtynsky.

Joshua B. Freeman is a professor of History at Queens College and the Graduate Center of CUNY. His previous books include American Empire and Working-Class New York, among others. He lives in New York City

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