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Paul Jennings

A highly original, gripping and surprising story of a boy who can’t speak, a dog, and a daring rescue.

Since the mid-1980s Paul Jennings has been writing stories that children adore. Now in his mid-70s, Paul has returned to the heartland where he began – quirky, unexpected stories, sometimes dark, but always totally original and thoroughly engaging.

In A Different Dog the child narrator can’t speak – we assume it is from a disability or a reaction to a trauma in his past. He is teased by the other kids and is a loner. On a cold winter’s day, when everyone is participating in a fun run on the mountain, our narrator finds himself alone at the scene of a car accident where the driver has died. But there is a little dog in the car ... What follows is a moving story of survival and redemption (and somehow humour in the midst of all that), all told in a 96-page novella.

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