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John Bemelmans Marciano, Sophie Blackall

The third book in an exciting new chapter book series byJohn Bemelmans MarcianoandCaldecott medalist Sophie Blackall.

The children of Benevento have to becareful and clever to evade the clutches of such witches as the Manalonga, the Janara, and the Clopper,who hide in wells and under bridges, fly at midnight, and play tricks during Mischief Season.
Five cousins – Primo, Emilio, Rosa, Maria Beppina, and Sergio – share adventures and narrow escapes, and discover astonishing secrets as they outwit the witches in each exciting story.

Book #3
Beware the Clopper!: a Maria BeppinaStory
Maria Beppina, the timid tag-along cousin, is always afraid that the Clopper, theold witch who chases the children, will catch her. And then one day she decides tostop—just stop—and see what the Clopper will do.

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