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280 Steps (5)Janis A. Donnaud & Associates, Inc. (6)ACACIA HOUSE (110)Actes Sud (1)Adam Peter (1)Adams Literary (27)Putnam (Adult) (129)Viking (Adult) (104)Pan Macmillan South Africa (19)Penguin Books (South Africa) (Pty.) Ltd (9)Anna Catrina AG (1)RDC AGENCIA LITERARIA S.L (21)THE SUSAN RABINER LITERARY AGENCY (2)LAVINIA TREVOR LITERARY AGENCY (1)CHANDLER CRAWFORD AGENCY INC. (1)FELICITY BRYAN LITERARY AGENCY (1)THE THOMPSON, BLEECKER, VOGT AGENCY (11)JOHN WHITE LITERARY AGENCY (1)THE FIELDING AGENCY (109)The Cooke Agency International (29)Transatlantic Literary Agency Inc. (59)The Cooke Agency Inc. (9)Author Rights Agency (20)The Leshne Agency (1)Brann Agency (9)DIANA FINCH LITERARY AGENCY (6)Melanie Jackson Agency LLC (21)Maria Carvainis Agency Inc. (8)THE TOBIAS LITERARY AGENCY (1)The Stephanie Tade Agency LLC (3)Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency (3)THE CHOATE AGENCY (1)Blake Friedmann Literary Agency Ltd (78)Harris Literary Agency (1)JENNIFER SCHAPER AGENCY (wt) (3)Chase Literary Agency (42)Belli Literary Agency (100)Maccoby Literary Agency (1)MARTHA MILLARD LITERARY AGENCY (9)THE LOTTS AGENCY LTD (33)THE WEINGEL-FIDEL AGENCY (1)The Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency Inc. (80)Frances Goldin Literary Agency (27)WAXMAN LEAVELL LITERARY AGENCY (1)HINDSIGHT LITERARY AGENCY (4)Italian Literary Agency (31)ROAM AGENCY (16)BEVERLEY SLOPEN LITERARY AGENCY (28)VIRGINIA KIDD AGENCY INC. (6)JABberwocky Literary Agency Inc. (169)SEVENTH AVENUE LITERARY AGENCY (1)Laura Cecil Literary Agency (9)Vicky Bijur Literary Agency (9)Kneller Artists Agency (1)G AGENCY LLC (1)The Deborah Harris Agency (24)THE GRAYHAWK AGENCY (16)THE WYLIE AGENCY INC. (0)ZENO AGENCY Ltd (47)THE FRIEDRICH AGENCY (1)Susan Schulman Literary Agency LLC (15)DENISE SHANNON LITERARY AGENCY INC. (17)THE NAHER AGENCY (18)The Martell Agency (17)Kaplan Agency (14)FRANCES COLLIN LITERARY AGENT (2)CHRISTINE GREEN AUTHORS' AGENT (6)LINN PRENTIS, LITERARY AGENT (4)BRANDT & HOCHMAN Literary Agents Inc. (8)Brick House Literary Agents (0)SEBES & VAN GELDEREN LITERAIR AGENTSCHAP (1)Susanna Zevi Agenzia Letteraria (4)Agnese Incisa (1)URZONE Inc. (aka ZONE BOOKS) (13)Akashic (84)JOHNSON & ALCOCK LIMITED (54)Levenberg, Alexandra (2)Allen & Unwin (346)ALM (2)Alma Books (15)Amazon Content (14)AmazonCon NEU (116)American University in Cairo Press (3)Amphoto Books (4)Amster (2)Amy Einhorn Books (19)HOUSE OF ANANSI PRESS INC. (68)Henry Holt and Company LLC (32)Lindgren, Walter and Effertz (1)Kihn, Johnston and McKenzie (1)DeFiore and Company LLC (35)Harvey, Hand and Runolfsson (1)Jerde and Sons (1)Spencer, Wehner and Wolf (1)Anderson (35)Straub Andreas (1)Geist Andreas (1)Andrews McMeel (19)Soto Antaki Maruan (1)Crown Archetype (11)